Governance of the Association

Clay Farm Allotments Society is an unincorporated Association which was formed on 11 March 2022.

The Society is regulated by the Constitution and Rules, it is governed by the General Meetings, and its daily operation is delegated to the Management Committee.

Constitutions and Rules

The Consitution and Rules of the Society contain the basis on which the association operates.

This document was created ahead of the Founding Meeting, and it is largely based on a template provided by The National Allotment Society.

Rules and Constitution


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Management Committee

According to the Constitution and Rules of the Society, the Management Committee is formed by the Chair, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and additional members as decided by the General Meeting.

The Management Committee can be contacted directly via email at

Here the current Management Committe as approved by the AGM on 8 October 2023.

Diego Magrini


Plot 121

Adam Butler


Plot 36

Christopher MacFarlane


Plot 3

Claudio Dagostin

Additional Member

Plot 117