Clay Farm Allotments Society

Gardening with friends and neighbours

We are now collecting membership fees

If you have not already done so, please pay your membership fee using the online facility.

Our Association

The Clay Farm Allotments Society represents plot holders of the Clay Farm Allotments site in Cambridge, England.

We are the voice of plot holders when dealing with the City Council, that currently manages the site, we organise activities on-site, and promote best practices for better growing together.

If you are already a member, this website will help you interface with the Association, and with fellow plot-holders. We publish resources and useful information for members only.

If you already have an allotment and would like to become a member, head to our registration form. Membership is open to all plot holders, and membership rate is set to £4.- per year, including membership to The National Allotment Society.

Members Access

Get an allotment at Clay Farm

The plots at Clay Farm are assigned by Cambridge City Council, that also holds a waiting list of interested individuals.

To obtain a plot on our site you need to apply on the Council’s website.

For more information, you can also contact the Council Directly:
01223 457 000

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