Car Parking

There is very limited availability of car parking for plot holders. 4 parking bays are available at the Clay Farm Community Garden, along Pinnington Close.

The exact location of the parking bays is at What3Words cried.sung.grant or on Google Maps

Parking should only be used while loading or unloading, after which vehicles should be removed.

If parking is not available in the designated bays, please park elsewhere in marked parking bays along Hobson Avenue or on Hobson Square. Parking anywhere else on Pinnington Close should not happen.


Plot holders have access to the bulk materials drop area at the Clay Farm Community Garden.
Materials left here are not secure in any way, so the users should arrange to transport them to their allotments as soon as possible.

The bulk materials drop area is located at What3Words: or on GoogleMaps:
The Community Garden does not have a post code assigned, so satnavs should be set to “Pinnington Close, CB2 9EY” if the previous methods cannot be used.

It is also possible access the Allotments Site by car or van to deliver bulk material. Two padlocked bollards protect the access.
🔐 The key to enter the building is available to Society Members through a secure page on this website.

ℹī¸ The access road and bridge are built to support any vehicle that is road legal in the UK, regardless of the number of axles or body shape.
The driver of any special load (which requires escort on the public roads) should make sure that the vehicle has an axle load not exceeding 113kN.

⚠ī¸ All vehicles driven on site by any driver are under the responsibility of the Member that allowed access. Vehicles should only be driven on hard surfaces, and never encrouach on plots. Any accidental damage to plots or infrastructure should be immediately reported to the City Council via email or phone 01223 457000.


Toilets are available all day and night inside the Clay Farm Community Garden’s building.
🔐 The key to enter the building is available to Society Members through a secure page on this website.

The toilets are accessible to disabled persons as well as children, with the provision of potty, child seat, and stool.

Please maintain the toilets clean at all times, as these are cleaned by volunteers and there is no official cleaning service.


At the Clay Farm Community Garden, Members can use the greenhouse to grow seedlings during the colder months.
🔐 The key to enter the building is available to Society Members through a secure page on this website.

Please follow these simple rules when using the greenhouse

  • Any pots, empty tray, bagged/loose soil, stones, seeds, or other material left in the greenhouse and not labelled is free for anyone to use.
  • Do not tamper with plants or seedlings that are not yours.
  • Label all your trays and pots with your name.
  • All plants, trays and pots will be watered regularly. If you would not like your seedlings to be watered, please clearly label as “Do not water”.
  • Space is very limited, so please take your seedlings to your plot as soon as possible, and donate any unwanted leftover.

Tools store

At the Clay Farm Community Garden, Members can access the tools store, and a wide selection of shared tools.

You can store your own valuable tools here, if they are too big to fit in the storage box allowed on plots.

Please follow these basic guidelines when borrowing tools:

For everyone’s safety, please make sure that the main door is closed at all times when not in the store.

Access to the keys

🔐 Members of the Clay Farm Allotments Society have access to instructions on how to access the keys for the shared facilities via a secure page on this website.



The entire site of the Clay Farm Community Garden is covered by a CCTV system recording and storing recordings. This system includes cameras inside the building.
The system is managed by Cambridge City Council.