Agenda of AGM 16 September 2022

An Annual General Meeting is called and was notified to all Society Members by email on 22 July 2022.

Location: Clay Farm Community Garden.
Time: 19:00 – 21:00


  1. Re-election of the Management Committee
  2. Mandate to open a bank account
  3. Review of the proposed tenancy with the Council
  4. Management of the common areas
  5. Recurring issues observed or that needed discussion with the Council
    • Maintenance of internal paths
    • Use of portable water pumps in the throughs
    • Removal of stones and soil which gets piled up sometimes in dangerous places
    • Theft of produce
    • Encroachment on others’ plots, for example as a shortcut to water throughs
    • Piles of rubbish/grasses/soil/stones
    • lock on the gate and access security
    • removal of the remaining raised beds
    • removal of the toilet and temporary storage
    • upkeep of the gravel paths

Peer voting

If you cannot make it on the day, you can select a fellow member to vote for you. Before this can happen you should inform the Management Committee via email at